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What you should know about bicycle insurance

August 31, 2020
bicycle insurance

If we usually affirm that there is bicycle insurance for all kinds of needs, it is quite obvious that insurance for bicycles not only exists but is also very interesting for those who use this means of locomotion both for sport and transport.


Currently the volume of insurable options is enormous . Although it is true that throughout the history of insurance all kinds of things have been insured, until a few years ago it seemed that for the vast majority of people the insurance will be reduced to issues such as vehicles, home, health and safety. lifetime. Today we know that this is not only the case, but there are innumerable insurances aimed at providing us with the highest level of coverage possible , and therefore, a more peaceful and protected life.

One of these specialized payments is bicycle insurance. Today the use of the bicycle has not only become normalized but has been incorporated far beyond its sports use, being seen as an ecological, comfortable means of transport, and in large cities even faster than other options.

It seems logical that both for sports use and for its use as a means of transport, there are insurance that protects both the vehicle and the cyclist, as well as the civil liability of what the cyclist himself may generate .

What is bicycle insurance?

These are insurance based on the concepts, on the one hand, the value of the vehicle itself, in this case bicycle, and on the other hand, the coverage related to the cyclist . To the foregoing are added elements such as civil liability towards third parties, theft, etc.

These insurances are increasingly contracted both by those who use the bicycle on a regular basis as a means of travel, and by those who use it occasionally for sports . Also, in another aspect, they are used to secure bicycles of great economic value.

It must be borne in mind, as is actually the case with the vast majority of insurances , that not all proposals are the same and that at the end of the day it is about finding the insurance that best suits what we need. This implies that, from a series of basic coverages, we will find specific proposals in which there will be different coverages added or even different valuations for the same coverages.

Generally, as is the case with most of the rest of insurance, we will be able to configure the product more or less at our choice by adding or reducing coverage. Of course, there are a series of these coverages that will almost always be present as basic elements.

bicycle insurance

Civil liability

This is obviously an indispensable cover. What civil liability covers only the damage that we can cause to third parties while driving a bicycle . The coverage may vary depending on the limits established in the policy that is proposed to us, although usually the civil liability in these cases is higher than € 150,000.

This coverage must be in any bicycle insurance that we wish to contract since it is the one that takes care of the money with which we should compensate those who have harmed us by the course of our bicycle . A good example of this can be an unintentional run over to a pedestrian due to the damage caused to another bicycle or another vehicle in an accident in which as drivers we have the responsibility.

Travel assistance

This is a very important coverage that should also always be present in the bicycle insurance that we are going to contract.

Coverage ensures that we receive the assistance we need where we need it . This is especially important when, for example, we ride long distances with our bicycles as a sport activity outside the city. Obviously it is also important in the city, but the speed of attention, and the guaranteed option of returning home in the event of a breakdown of the vehicle always seems more interesting in the case of bicycles when the practice is carried out in complex places, for example in the case of the mountain bike.

We must stop here for a moment to analyze this insured service since there are many differences according to the company’s proposal. In the first place, we will find companies that guarantee travel assistance anywhere in the world, however, these are the least and generally the most expensive proposals.

The most common is that the geographical scope of assistance is restricted in some way, this can be either within the national scope, or within the scope of Europe. Even in some cases the assistance only starts from a certain number of kilometers from our home.

Depending on the type of insurance within the travel assistance we will find added coverages such as:

  • Return home expenses in case of not being able to fix the vehicle
  • Technical assistance for the vehicle
  • Location and rescue in case of accident, disappearance of the insured
  • Expenses of repatriation or transportation from abroad in the event of death and coverage of health expenses in the event of an accident both domestically and abroad.

It must be taken into account that in many aspects this insurance will behave in the same way as travel insurance if a mishap happens to us during, for example, a vacation. But, we remember, not always all the coverages are included within the travel assistance, so it is very important to thoroughly review the fine print of the insurance that is proposed to us.

Of course the legal defense should be present in any bicycle insurance that we contract . With the legal defense coverage, what we ensure is the legal defense against what may happen derived from the practice of cycling.

A good example is a claim for damages to third parties in the event of an accident . In this case, the legal defense would guarantee us sufficient legal protection to defend ourselves against said claim, this is generally done through the presence of a lawyer who represents and defends us during the claim process.

It is important to note that, beyond a specific issue such as a lawsuit for a claim, legal defense also includes telephone legal advice, this means that we can access telephone consultations at any time to resolve our legal doubts regarding the use of the bicycle and situations derived from such use.

bicycle insurance

More coverage in bicycle insurance

From the three previous covers a very wide range of options opens up to add to our bicycle insurance.

Be careful, as usual and in the same way as with any other type of insurance, the higher the level of added coverage, the higher the cost of the policy. That is, we can have tremendously complete insurance that covers even the smallest detail, but these insurance will always be much more expensive than basic policies.

Among the most common added coverages we would find the following:

  • Theft or damage to the bicycle , which is probably the most common added coverage. Here the value of the bicycle and the environment in which it is usually used can greatly influence the cost of coverage.
  • Medical expenses , this is an element to be valued but that can perfectly overlap with other types of insurance such as life insurance with travel insurance. Generally, medical expenses refer to the expenses derived from an incident or accident in the use of the bicycle, and can include from hospitalization to more complex issues such as plastic or reconstructive surgery.
  • Life coverage is relatively frequent, although, as with medical expenses, it can perfectly overlap with other insurance options. Life coverages are those that guarantee issues such as independence for heirs in the event of death or disability, etc.

Based on all the above, we will be able to really find a large number of possibilities, including elements such as sports advice, bicycle safety, etc., these are already added questions that must be deeply valued due to the additional cost that they may involve .

Ultimately, bicycle insurance can be very interesting for those people who make daily use of this vehicle , both for what it involves insurance and personal protection and for what it can originate towards third parties by the use of the bicycle.

However, if we are looking for insurance specifically for the specific issue, that is, for example to protect our bicycle from possible theft, it must be taken into account that there may be alternative options, such as home insurance in which the bicycle it can be covered by theft coverage. It is important to remember this since overlapping insurance is never an interesting option except if it is done consciously to over-insure in aspects in which it is considered necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s not, but highly recommended if you use your bicycle a lot.

A bicycle insurance can be really good if you use a lot your bicycle and take some risks.

It depends on many factors, such as your country, price of your bicycle and more. Read our article carefully to see the price of the bicycle insurances.


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