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Everything you need to know about comprehensive car insurance

August 30, 2020
car insurance

An car insurance policy is a document that gives an account of the type of insurance contracted by the insured. The policies contain two sections: General conditions and particular conditions. Therefore, here you will discover everything about comprehensive car insurance.

Conditions : Are those that establish the set of principles provided by the insurer to regulate all insurance contracts issued in the same branch or modality.

Particular conditions : are those that specifically contemplate aspects related to the risk of insuring a car.

The insurance policy is the most important thing at the time of hiring, it is your paper support that everything you have hired is offered to you. Depending on the use you give to your car, you should consider what type of coverage suits you and your pocket, the coverage is generally divided into Limited.

Comprehensive coverage

The first thing you think or want is that the coverage covers you from all claims, and what comes to mind is the wide coverage. However, you have to analyze well because not all insurers offer the same additional benefits or due to lack of certain requirements, your comprehensive coverage does not apply, so it is important to always read and understand the terms and conditions that make you sign.

For example, comprehensive coverage insurance is not true comprehensive coverage. It generally means physical damage coverage. Comprehensive coverage insurance is generally a combination of collision and comprehensive coverage. The insurance against road accidents covers damage to your car caused by a collision with another object.

The auto insurance comprehensive coverage covers damage as insured car theft, broken glass, vandalism and inclement weather. (In very colloquial terms it is like buying a food package which includes certain foods, and for additional cost you can add ingredients and / or sizes) At first glance it may seem that this system is deceptive, however it is not, in the end you go to acquire and pay for what you think you need.

For example, if a person keeps his car at all times in a garage, both at home and at work and never leaves it on the street, he would hardly need comprehensive insurance, so it is not worth paying for he.

Tips for choosing auto insurance

Another point to take into account is that when choosing your car insurance, take into account the condition of your car. For older cars, comprehensive coverage may not be the most economical solution, especially if the cost of the insurance exceeds the value of your car. That is, if your coverage costs you ten thousand pesos, and your car is valued at 15, surely due to the payment of deductibles and others you would lose, so in this case a limited coverage would suit you.


However, if your car is new, comprehensive coverage would be the best option, as it would cover the repair or replacement of the car . The risks that you do not cover are generally:

  • Coverages that you have not contracted.
  • Damages that your vehicle suffers or causes if you or the driver authorized by you do not have a driver’s license (very important since due to this neglect you may be left without insurance benefits even when you have contracted it) or that are under the influence of drugs or alcoholic beverages. (In this case the insurance will pay you absolutely nothing)
  • Loss or damage due to direct or indirect causes of war operations or acts of terrorism.
  • Expenses derived from having lost your vehicle.
  • Damages suffered or caused by your vehicle due to overload or excessive traction in relation to its resistance, capacity or number of occupants. (This means that you use the vehicle according to its capabilities and as the law indicates, for that is, do not put 8 or more people in a vehicle stipulated for 5)
  • Damage to the environment or ecosystems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Well, that is a topic that we handle on this article, so please read it carefully and you will find the answer.

A car insurance is a company that pays you for example the damage of your car when you have an accident and in exhange, you pay an amount of money each month.

No, you don’t! It is not needed in most countries, but it’s highly recommended if you have cars.


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