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The best car insurance companies in the United States

August 30, 2020
car insurance companies USA

It is clear that, like many other properties (such as houses, condos, heavy machinery, boats and motorcycles), cars are elements that must be insured if costs are to be considerably reduced in the event of accidents or mechanical breakdowns. That is why it’s highly recommended to have a car insurance and we will review the best car insurance companies of the United States.

For this reason, this article offers a list of the best car insurance companies in the United States in this year 2020 , taking into account vital characteristics such as costs, scores on specialized sites in critical reviews, direct opinions from users, accessibility to their portals web, was a study done by the portal that gives advice on cars with the help of Quadrant website specialized in analysis of the car insurance companies industries.

Here is the list of the best car insurance companies in the US.


car insurance companies

This agency, whose initials come from the English United Services Automobile Association , was founded in 1922 in the city of San antonio texas . At first, it was organized by a group of 25 members of the army (William Garrison being its first president), directing its attention to military personnel (something that, moreover, is strongly rooted to this day).

In general, critical provided by websites specialized in product and service reviews are very positive, approaching in most cases the maximum score of 5 stars .

It is characterized by offering one of the lowest costs of monetary contribution for the insurance payment, which is set at around 894.95 USD , which puts it at an advantage over the other insurance companies mentioned in this list such as Geico , Travelers and State Farm , Among others.

The main disadvantage is that the possibilities of accessing the contract in the case of people outside the military environment of the nation is limited. More information can be found on their site .

2. Geico

car insurance

This company, also old, was founded in 1936 in the state of Texas by Leo and Lilian Goodwin . The name comes, in turn, from the acronym in English Government Employees Insurance Corporation . As in the previous case, since its inception this company has promoted services for federal employees and members of families with military affiliation , who enjoy more accessible budgets than the rest of the population.

After reviewing a number of specialized review websites , the rave reviews are approaching, on average, 4/5 stars . These mainly highlight the quality and promptness of attention , the solidity of the company and the low costs in relation to direct competition. The average annual maintenance cost is 1063.10 USD , being more expensive than USAA .

Geico also offers insurance services to other properties, including condos, boats, motorcycles and houses , among other assets. The accessibility to the company’s data is wide thanks to the presence of a telephone application available to all public, as well as the information available on its Web page .

In this regard, it is possible to request quotes and personalized consultations at said address, in addition to having a special calculator to determine certain coverage costs according to specific situations.

3. Allstate


Allstate was founded in 1931 by Robert E. Wood , which initially offered its services to small car owners. According to the general critics , this company achieves a rating of 4/5 stars , mainly praising the quality of the company’s human resources , always attentive to answering questions immediately and in record time .

On the other hand, despite the fact that the moderate costs of the contract are higher than the aforementioned companies, most of the users have limited that they would contract the services again at the time of their renewal.

In relation to costs , taking into account the ten companies mentioned in this list, Allstate is the one that establishes the most budget for the contracting of services, being fixed at around 1,777.66 USD per year, on average.

As mentioned in the previous case, this company also has insurance services for houses, motorcycles, machinery, income and health. Access to its Web page , which is extremely intuitive in order to navigate easily in the portal, allows obtaining information about costs according to specific conditions in the contract, as well as providing useful information about discounts and company policies .

4. State Farm


This company also has a long journey, having been founded in 1922 for a retired farmer ( George Jacob Mecherle ) who decided to dedicate himself to the world of insurance when his career in the field began to decline. Its name, of course, is related to the other passion of its founder.

This insurance company enjoys great popularity in the nation, being one of those that reported the highest growth speed throughout its history, mainly in the middle of the century.

The general reviews give it, as in the two previous cases, a score of 4/5 stars in most of the specialized review sites on the internet. Around 60% of users have reported being completely satisfied with the service offered, and a small percentage (19%) commented that they were, simply, “satisfied”.

It may not have the excellent customer service Allstate has mentioned , but its strong institution and more affordable prices make it a favorable option for many people. In fact, the average and standard contract price is around $ 1,260.12.

State farm has its own Web page for all Spanish speakers within the United States , including insurance services for health and housing cases, options that can be used in conjunction with contracting auto services.

5. Farmers


Farmers was founded in 1928 by two partners, John C. Tyler and Thomas E. Leavy , also directing their services for Farmers in different rural areas, something common for the time. The company subsequently grew, forming its headquarters in Los Angeles.

Car insurance services include a wide variety of options in case of accidents, a distinctive feature of this company. Includes liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive, and other types related to personal injury and loss.

Like the previous options, it is also possible to extend the services towards the home and the rent , being feasible in some cases to apply specific discounts if an insurance contract for the family car is also requested . Also, the average cost is about $ 1,538.21 , slightly cheaper than Allstate .

The specialized reviews highlight the human quality of its staff, who are excellently qualified thanks to the attention offered during specialized consultations.

If you visit its Web page , you will be able to find a large amount of information regarding costs and contracting services, as well as being able to access the company’s blog where a large number of useful articles related to car accidents and general inconveniences are available.

6. Progressive

car insurance companies

Progressive has extensive experience in the area, being founded in 1937 by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green , two lawyers who sought, like the creators of the other companies, to extend services to more people in the nation.

The scores offered by users on various specialized websites rate the company, on average, 3.89 / 5 stars , slightly lower than the rest of the companies mentioned in this list.

Around 60% of users have been completely satisfied with the service, despite the fact that not all recommend hiring other members of their family and social circle.

The average cost of hiring auto insurance services is 1308 USD , being in the group of the most expensive on this list. It also draws attention, as reflected on its site , the possibility of contracting mixed services of car with home and rents, in addition to providing life insurance, motorcycles, mobile homes, various condominiums and even boats.

You have to remember that some costs may vary depending on the area of ​​residence of the person, although these data can be consulted in the same portal .

7. American Family

car insurance company

Businessman Herman Wittwer was commissioned to found American Family in 1927 , also taking into account the situation of the Wisconsin Farmers , who were at a disadvantage in terms of car insurance companies for their properties. It is currently included in the Fortune 500 list , which includes several of the largest companies in the world.

Despite this, it has an overall punctuation of 3.68 / 5 on average, after reviewing specialized websites in the area. The highlight according to users is the speed with which the company solves specific problems , something that is especially appreciated in emergency situations.

The cost to hire is around $ 1,325.99 (on average), ranking among the most expensive on this list (below Allstate , Farmers, and Nationwide , which will be mentioned later). It also includes services that cover houses and other vehicles, such as motorcycles and boats.

Its Web page has a section specially dedicated to the most frequent questions and answers (FAQs) consulted by users, including valuable information on contact, prices and characteristics of the contract.

8. Nationwide

car insurance companies

Founded in Ohio in 1925 , it was also created to solve the problems of Farmers in the rural communities , gradually expanding to become one of the largest companies in the area within the United States .

It has an average score of 3.92 / 5 stars on review websites, highlighting the ease of communication with staff, although fewer people said the conflict resolution process was quick, putting Nationwide at a disadvantage compared to others. companies.

As discussed above, the cost of the contract is high , at approximately $ 1,529.58 , ranking only behind Farmers and Allstate on the list.

Its Web page has the particularity of including contract promotions , including at first glance the possibility of acquiring a free Amazon Echo Auto account with the direct contracting of a service with Nationwide . It also includes services for the home, cars, motorcycles, snow equipment, boats, and some machinery.

The best thing about this company includes its solidity and track record in the market , although many people may find its cost excessive when compared to the competition, many of which also have excellent reviews and somewhat lower costs.

9. Travelers

travelers insurance

At the bottom of this list is Travelers , one of the longest-running car insurance companies to be found (founded in 1897). It has more than 30,000 employees, with a strong international presence.

Despite being in the last position , it has a score on various specialized review sites of 4.03 / 5 stars. It stands out mainly for the direct satisfaction reported by its users, with a considerable majority commenting that they would hire the services again at the time of contract renewal, in addition to recommending it to their family and friends.

Travelers’ main benefit may be its low cost, as at $ 1,260.12 it ranks behind USAA and Geico as the cheapest she is ready car insurance companies . Of course, the favorable comments of this company probably have to do with this fact.

Its Web page is also characterized by being very intuitive , offering directly the possibility of finding a specialized service agent just by entering the type of property to be insured and the Postal Code .

Similarly, the portal offers detailed information on the types of contract and specific conditions that said company covers in case of accidents or problems in general.

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