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Travel insurance: What does it cover? What exclusions does it have? Is it mandatory?

August 30, 2020
travel insurance

When we go on vacation, what we least expect is that some unforeseen event arises that complicates the summer days. However, it is advisable to take a look at travel insurance to easily fix these undesirable situations.

All of us, at some point in our life, are a real sea of ​​doubts when it comes to choosing travel insurance. We do not know exactly if the getaway we have planned should be insured and we are not aware of the risks that our trip entails when we do not have this type of services.

travel insurance

This article will put an end to all the indecisions that have arisen at certain times . Travel insurance is a service that you must know very well and that you must take into account when you go on vacation. Do you want to know everything about him? Please read carefully!

How to purchase travel insurance?

We would be lying to you if we told you that there are certain trips in which it is not necessary to take out insurance. Any unforeseen event can appear on any route, so it is always advisable to have different types of coverage.

Now, should we hire the same services regardless of where we move? In this case, common sense should be used. As is normal, I will not need the same coverage if I travel to a Spanish coast as if I go on vacation to some Caribbean islands or a city with a tropical atmosphere.

Keep in mind that if you travel to another country, your insurer must know exactly what dates you are going to make the trip. Each territory in the world has its peculiarities and your travel insurance will have to adapt to them: vaccines, typical diseases of the country, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you take out travel assistance insurance whenever you go on vacation, but it is convenient that you adapt the coverage to the needs of the same.


What if I don’t have travel insurance

The first thing you should know is that, when you do not take out travel insurance, you are totally unprotected. Any irregularity that arises in your trip can be a serious financial problem that you could have saved by hiring a service of this type.

We put you in the situation. You move to another country outside the European Union to spend a different and somewhat more expensive vacation. Due to things in life, you have an accident going down the stairs of your accommodation. Although everything can be a scare, it will be a very expensive scare if you do not have adequate travel insurance.

Travel and hospitalization costs can be stratospheric. For that reason, it is essential that you think a lot about hiring travel insurance that covers medical assistance. No matter what this service costs, it will compensate you a lot: you will save yourself trouble and money!

Does home insurance cover me when I travel?

It is likely that you do not know that your home insurance has coverage that, apparently, coincide with the services that travel insurance provides you . On specific occasions, this insurance includes some benefits that travel insurance contains.

A small part of home insurance policies can compete with the insurance that we are explaining in this article. However, the main problem that most home policies have is that the coverage they offer is quite limited .

Very few are those that cover, among other things, repatriation and expenses for suffering an illness or accident abroad. Therefore, we recommend that you review the conditions of this insurance well , before rushing in and not having travel insurance on your vacation.

There is no doubt that by hiring travel insurance we guarantee services that can save us very high amounts of money . The main advantage of these is that we know with certainty what we contract and we have much more extensive benefits than those covered by our home insurance. Don’t gamble and take out your travel insurance on all your summer days!


Travel insurance coverage

Visiting the world is one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. We love to contemplate new magical corners that make us feel good. So that there are no “buts” in this type of summer day, it is convenient to cover your back .

Hiring travel insurance is essential to achieve this goal . Before doing so, you must take into account factors such as the days you travel, the number of companions, the country of destination, if you are going to practice risk sports, etc.

The benefits of this type of insurance are varied, as in the rest of the services that companies offer. Even so, here we include the coverages that usually include contracting this type of insurance .

Medical assistance abroad

It is the basic coverage that all travel insurance must have . Healthcare costs in other countries that are not included in the European Union are quite expensive if the necessary coverage is not available.

Any accident or medical inconvenience can put a hole in our pockets that none of us like to face. Travel insurance gives you the peace of mind of having a guaranteed health service, easing language and infrastructure barriers in other countries .

Trip cancellation insurance

The cancellation of the trip and the flight are two coverages that your travel insurance can cover you . We do not like to think about possible personal and work inconveniences, but it never hurts to prevent these types of circumstances.

Insurance of this type usually allows the cancellation of the flight and the trip for various reasons : death, hospitalization, serious bodily accident or serious illness of the insured or family members; dismissal or geographic transfer at work; complications in pregnancy, police retention of the insured, summons to present and sign official documents, etc.

Complications or loss of luggage

If there is something clear about a vacation, it is that our suitcase is part of us. We cannot detach ourselves from it. For this reason, we deeply hate when something is lost or stolen from us . We think: “why us”?

Well, most travel insurance covers this type of unwanted situation that can make us bitter on a few summer days . With this service we make sure to recover everything we carry in our luggage!


Accident insurance

On every vacation, there can always be unforeseen events in which we harm other people. For this reason, certain travel insurances include coverage for legal expenses and civil liability in their policy . It is convenient that you consult it in a contrasted way , since not all services of this type include this type of assistance.

We remind you that to drive outside the European Union, the European Economic Area and the countries with which Spain has a circulation agreement, you must apply for an international driving license .

Coverage for flight delays or delays

We all want to get to our vacation destination as soon as possible. However, sometimes there are delays that prevent us from enjoying the first hours of freedom. Depending on the travel insurance you take out, these delays unrelated to the insured will be covered or not .

Certain policies include compensation for the purchase of basic necessities, accommodation, living expenses and the use of another means of transport . Find out if your insurance covers this contingency!

Repatriation of the sick or deceased abroad

Going back to your country of origin when you are not in a position to do so can be a high expense and one that you will remember for a lifetime. With certain travel insurance this will not happen to you, since they include repatriation when you fall ill in another country and have to return home .

What travel insurance does not cover

Despite containing a wide network of benefits, travel insurance does not cover any situation that occurs during your holidays abroad. There are certain exceptions that will not be covered by any type of policy . We tell you:

  • The care or incidents that occurred as a result of a pre-existing illness . In this case, the situation is not considered to be of vital urgency.
  • Incidents caused by the ingestion of alcohol or other types of substances .
  • Situations caused by the insured himself . This section includes claims, loss of luggage and the cancellation of the trip due to non-urgent surgical interventions or epidemics.
  • When the transport company or service provider covers the travel problem . In these cases, the travel insurance does not cover inconveniences that may arise during the trip: cruise cancellation, flight cancellation, accommodation costs due to delay, etc.
travel insurance

Is it mandatory to take out travel insurance?

As a general rule, it is not necessary to take out travel insurance. However, there are situations that require the contracting of various services that imply the approval of an insurance of these characteristics . Do you want to know what these specific cases are? We tell you!

Trips organized by an agency

Whenever your trip is managed by an agency or a tourist company , the same will obligatorily contract a travelers insurance . The assistance of said insurance will be effective when accidents occur in Spanish means of transport leaving from national territory .

Country specific cases

In addition, there are certain territories scattered around the world that to enter them, it is necessary to have compulsory insurance to meet certain requirements of the States that comprise them. Take into account the conditions that the following areas of the world ask of you!

Travel insurance for Cuba

Cuba is a beautiful country full of magical corners. Even so, when you visit this country, it is mandatory to have a travel policy that contains quite extensive coverage . The constant incidents related to medical assistance with illness or accident and theft of luggage made it necessary to take this measure.

The contracted policy must cover medical, repatriation and 24-hour assistance expenses . You should know that the health care you will receive in Cuba will be alien to that of Cuban citizens . Health Tourism provided by this country allows tourists to be cared for in Servimed, a Cuban corporation in charge of managing these health services.

travel insurance

Insurance to travel through the Schengen Area

This space is made up of no more and no less than 26 countries : Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg , Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland.

Hiring Schengen insurance will depend on the country of origin. People who do not belong to the countries of the European Union, will need Schengen travel insurance to obtain the corresponding visa required in these territories. This visa must be requested at the embassy or consulate of the country to which you are going to travel.

What main coverages does this type of policy cover? The services covered by the insurance are, mainly, repair costs in the event of an emergency or death, emergency medical assistance and emergency hospital care – with a minimum of 30,000 euros.

Insurance to travel to Russia and Belarus

Moving to these countries requires having a visa that specifies the expected period of stay and the number of entries. You will only get this visa if you take out travel insurance with medical coverage that contains all kinds of benefits (it must even deal with repatriation cases).

When you travel to Russia, you may encounter variations in the quality of healthcare. For this reason, it is likely that, on certain occasions, you will receive assistance in a private center . The search for your well-being is the main objective of these insurances!

Insurance to travel to Algeria

Algeria is a country full of monuments, history and charm. However, you cannot visit it without travel insurance. To obtain the visa, it is mandatory to take out insurance that covers a minimum of days of stay . Among other things, the policy must be valid throughout the trip and be stamped, in addition to being corroborated, by the company.

eye! Obtaining visas to travel to these countries is usually slower than usual. Therefore, do not leave it for the last moment and do it well in advance . Only in this way will you avoid stresses and last minute scares!

Travel insurance for Iran

Only when the reason for your visit to Iran is for tourism, can you obtain your visa at the border , with which you can enter only once and will be valid for 90 days. It is quite an expensive document to obtain . On the one hand, there is a waiting time to obtain it of between 2 to 6 hours. Furthermore, certain denials of entry are likely to occur at the border.

Due to this type of inconvenience, we recommend that you apply for a visa a month in advance at the Iranian Embassy in Spain. Of course, the visa requires travel insurance, where the policy and the effective days of it will be stated .


Why buy travel insurance?

Considering what we have seen, there is no doubt that hiring travel insurance is one of the best decisions you can make when you go on vacation to another country . Being unprotected from possible unwanted situations will only give you eternal headaches and will not allow you to make the most of your days off.

Travel insurance allows that save And you guarantee a series of performance that will put the necessary dose of tranquility to your days of disconnection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Travel insurance covers accidents, if someone steels something from you and more. Learn everything what it covers, by reading our article.

It’s hard to choose one, because there are a lot of travel insurances, but they are all almost the same, so, read our article for some tips and then it’ll easy to find one.

No, it’s not! It’s totally optional, but if you travel every year to touristic places, it’s highly recommended.


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