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Am I interested in taking mobile phone insurance?

September 1, 2020
phone mobile insurance

Despite the prices that smartphones spend, they have become essential in our lives. They say that in the world there are more than 7,300 million devices, 100 million more than people. Losing him can be a tragedy of biblical proportions. In this article, we talk about mobile phone insurance.

For your peace of mind they have offered you to take out mobile phone insurance, but… are you interested in taking it out?

I’m a bit of a mess, the other day I poured coffee on top of my cell phone.

I put the best cover on the market, not even for those, it has not withstood the blow.

I left it on the counter while I had a beer… brave chorizo.

These are some of the unforeseen events that make the phone die.

As it is not the first time that you are without it, you have learned to save the configuration, the contacts and the calendar by making a Backup . It is not enough for you and you start thinking about taking out mobile phone insurance.

mobile phone insurance

Very promising insurance.

When they sell you mobile phone insurance they present it to you as the definitive solution in case the worst happens to you. If we dig a little deeper, we find that not everything is covered in the policy. In the market you can find two types of insurance:

  • Basic: only covers accidental breakdowns or liquid spills.
  • Broad: which includes theft, fraudulent use of calls or even loss of the mobile.

In both cases, the insurance covers the repair or replacement of a new mobile. So far everything is very promising, then it is very likely that your policy includes:

  • An franchise , which can range from 30 to 90 euros, which may vary depending on the origin of the damage.
  • There will only be coverage for a certain number of claims per year.
  • maximum amount of repairs at the end of the year, this usually coincides with the price of the phone.

Once the claims quota or the maximum compensation is covered, the insurance is automatically Canceled . As you can see, taking out mobile phone insurance requires a bit of time to analyze your coverage. The policy should be read in detail because surprises are frequent. On the other hand, it is an insurance distributed by telephone operators or telephone stores. If you dive a little on the Internet you can find pages specialized in its sale.

A devastating price.

It is possible that certain conditions of the policy have made you think if it is really worth taking out mobile phone insurance. Now it’s time to assess the price .

What would you think if your home insurance, in which you have 180,000 euros insured, cost you 45,000 euros a year.

Well, insurance for mobile phones, proportionally, costs the same, ah! and with basic coverage.

I do not intend to make you dizzy with too many figures, but with some, the result of a small comparison that I have made between different options on the market. For example, for a range of phones priced between 150 and 250 euros, the offers without excess have an annual premium of between 45 and 75 euros / year. Including a 30-euro franchise, the premiums go down to 35 and 60 euros per year. For mid-range mobiles, up to 400 euros, the premiums reach 100 euros, and can reach up to 200 euros for high-end equipment (up to 1,000 euros).


Am I interested in taking out mobile phone insurance?

How do you see it? I no longer think it is such a good idea to take out mobile phone insurance.

Especially if we think that some incidents are going to be without coverage and in others it is possible that you have it through home insurance.

Having your cell phone taken away in a distraction, like me while drinking that beer, is a theft and is not covered. Damages as a result of the sun or rain are also not, as are certain breakdowns. Think that faults or factory defects are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for the first two years.

If you add to this that through home insurance you have covered robbery at home and robbery outside the home (if you have hired it), certain opinions begin to change.

In short, it seems like an insurance made for a few.

We are interested in knowing your opinion, we wait for you in the comments after answering this question.

Frequently Asked Questions

The conclusion is that our opinion is that it’s not recommended to take a mobile phone insurance.

No, it’s not. Phone insurances are way too expensive for what they offer.

No, of course it’s not. You decide if you want to take one or not.


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